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To help you start to save and to learn the benefits of saving for the future, West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union has a savings promotion just for you, our younger members.  All of you are eligible to join, from newborn children until your 18th birthday.  We are calling it our "YOUTH CLUB."   We will switch your current savings account to the new youth club account.  It costs nothing, but you will benefit.  Upon signing up, we will give you a FREE GIFT.  You will start to earn interest on your youth club savings balance of $5.00 or more.  Plus, it will pay interest at a special rate (1.00% APY*, subject to change upon proper notification).  In addition, we will give you a "REWARDS CARD."  With this REWARDS CARD, we will stamp it with each deposit you make of $10.00 or more.  Remember you must show your REWARDS CARD to the teller each time you make a deposit of $10.00 or more to receive the stamp.  When your card is filled with stamps (20 stamps per card), you will be able to choose a gift.  The gift of your choosing could be a gift card to one of our local retailers; such places as Faxon Bowling, Dick's Sporting Goods, The GAP or GAP FOR KIDS, Border's Bookstore, or Great Escape Movie Theatre. 

For longer term savings, we will continue to offer our special share certificate - the YOUTH 2-5-0 SHARE CERTIFICATE, which pays a higher rate of interest but may not be withdrawn for 2.5 years.

Stop by today to see a member service representative to sign up for this wonderful new benefit for our younger members!

* APY - Annual Percentage Yield

See our Rates & Fees Schedule for more detailed information .

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