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Kid's Corner

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Money Saving Tips for Kids

Set some aside each and every time. That does not mean blowing your babysitting money on candy and soda. Paying yourself first is part of a long-term saving plan. Set money aside each time you get paid and pretty soon you will have quite a chunk of change!

Skip the junk food isle. If you blew $2.00 every week on bubble gum and chocolate, after a year that is $104.00 you could have put toward a snowboard or computer, or eventually your first car! That is a lot of cash that literally got eaten up.

Budget. Budgeting does not have to be hard or scary. In fact is easy to keep simple records of your allowances, gift money, and anything you earn. That way you can figure out how long it will take to save up for things you really want or even need.

Buy what you can afford. Do not give in to trends. It is much better to have money in the bank than a closet full of designer jeans and no cash.

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Nickelodeon is online at and its packed with hours of fun. It is a great way to check out your favorite nick shows, play tons of games and even get awesome screen savers.

Fun Brain

Play games, take fun quizzes, and learn at the same time at It is a great place for students of all ages from grades K-8 to learn while having fun. Math games, reading activities, and there is even a SUDOKU section.


Get your recommended daily allowance of humor at Garfield's official Web site!

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