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Total Teller

Our Audio Response System - (570) 323-4851 or (800) 326-9539, Press 5

Your West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union account information by phone when you need it… day or night, seven days a week!

Total Teller keeps you in touch with your accounts and allows you to carry out transactions during and beyond normal business hours. All you need to have is your account number(s) and PIN ready when you call from a touch-tone phone. Contact our Member Service Department to have a PIN issued to you.


  1. Account Balance & History
    1. Current Account Balances
    2. History of Deposits
    3. History of Withdrawals
    4. YTD Dividends & interest Totals
    5. Cleared Draft Inquiry
    6. List of all active loans
    7. Complete Account history
  2. Perform Transfers
    1. Savings Account to Draft Account
    2. Draft Account to Savings Account
    3. Transfers between any two suffixes
    4. Transfer to another account number
  3. Calculate a Loan Payment
    1. ( Enter Dollar Amount, Number of Months, and Interest Rate)
  4. Special Services
    1. Change Account PIN
    2. Change to a New Account
    3. List All Active Loans

It’s Private...It’s Convenient…It’s Easy!
(570) 323-4851 or (800) 326-9539, Press 5