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Vacation Loan Special Offer

Make it your best summer yet, with a low-rate Vacation Personal Loan from WBVFCU. Book a beach weekend, enjoy an all-inclusive vacation in an exotic locale or take a camping (or glamping) trip this summer without worrying about paying for your vacation all at once. Rates are as low as 5.49% APR for up to 48 months.* Promotion ends August 28, 2022.

*Subject to loan approval. Rate includes a 0.50% discount for direct deposit and automatic payments from a WBVFCU account and is applicable for up to a 48-month term. Other terms and rates available. Rate example: $2,500 at 5.49% APR for 48 months = $58.13 monthly payment. Minimum of $2,500 in new money if using to refinance a WBVFCU loan.


Personal Loans

When you need to borrow money for personal reasons...look to a WBVFCU personal loan. With an unsecured personal loan, you can borrow up to $20,000 at a fixed rate, with a fixed term and set date of when your loan will be paid off. Personal loans are often used for debt consolidation, home improvements, a major purchase or to cover unexpected expenses.

Rates and eligibility are based on your credit report.

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*Maximum unsecured loan amount of $20,000 inclusive of Visa┬« credit card limit. 

Personal Line of Credit

With a personal line of credit, you easily transfer funds from your line as you need them, and only pay interest on borrowed funds (maximum of $20,000 line). No annual fee with easy access to funds by calling in and requesting a check or deposit to your share account. The Personal Line of Credit is a variable rate account, and is adjusted semi-annually in March and September. Rate is determined by adding 3% to the current prime rate as per the Wall Street Journal.