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A Brief History of West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union

AVCO Employees Federal Credit Union was organized in 1952 by the employees of AVCO, Inc.  AVCO was the first Select Employer Group to belong to the credit union.  As the credit union allowed more Select Employer Groups to join, the membership became more diverse and geographically disbursed.  In 1995 the credit union changed its name to West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union to be more representative of its membership area.

On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors announced it has adopted to convert its charter status from a multiple-employer group charter to a community charter.  The conversion to a community chartered credit union makes anyone who lives, works, regularly conducts business, worships, volunteers, attends school in, as well as businesses and other legal entities located in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania eligible to join West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union.  In addition, members of their immediate families or other household members are eligible to join the Credit Union.  At West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union, members come first.  We are the first credit union to provide access to credit union service to all of the residents of Lycoming County.  Credit unions provide low cost / no fees for their financial products and services, and now, we are able to provide easier access to join and share in the benefits of credit union membership.  Our current members and their immediate family members will not be affected by the charter change.  Our existing members will continue to benefit as the Credit Union expands its already wide range of products and services to better compete in today’s ultra-competitive financial service industry.   We will continue to pursue the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People”.