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Checking Accounts

To better serve you, West Branch Valley FCU has expanded our checking account offerings to include:

Preferred Checking Account

If you need a higher action (“transactions”), this is a dividend bearing draft (“checking”) account that offers unlimited transactions, especially if you have a large number of withdrawals / transfers. By moving your money into this account type, you gain easy access with our VISA Debit Card. A minimum balance of $500 is required to earn dividends and no monthly fees will be assessed.

Back on Track Checking Account

Have you ever been denied a checking account for bad credit, bankruptcy or past problems with ChexSystems? Our Back on Track Checking Account† is the answer for you! We are now offering a Back on Track Checking Account† for you even if you have been reported to ChexSystems in the past (except where fraudulent activity was reported). With a Back on Track Checking Account† you can easily add money to your checking account, conveniently pay bills online, access ATM’s worldwide, or simply shop and pay with your Visa check card.

† Certain terms and conditions apply.

Senior Checking Account

To qualify for this dividend bearing draft (“checking”) account, the primary member must be 62 years of age or older, and the account must have a direct deposit of monies into the account. This account type offers unlimited transactions and a number of free services strategically positioned for you. No minimum balance is required to earn dividends.

Standard Checking Account

No minimum balance is required on this traditional draft (“checking”) account. It offers unlimited transactions and no monthly fees will be assessed. This non-dividend bearing draft (“checking”) account does not require a minimum balance. This type of account offers easy access with our VISA Debit Card.

King-sized Services offered with these accounts: (1) FREE Telephone Transfer utilizing WBVFCU’s TOTAL TELLER system; (2) FREE Internet Banking utilizing WBVFCU’s WBVFCU@Home system; (3) FREE VISA Debit Card (not available with the Tiered Money Market Account type); and, (4) FREE Bill Payment through WBVFCU’s ELECTRONIC BILL PAYMENT system. (NOTE: There are no current plans to assess any monthly or per item fees with the ELECTRONIC BILL PAYMENT system. However, WBVFCU reserves the right to institute a charge for any and all services utilized through its ELECRONIC BILL PAYMENT system.).