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Visa Debit Card / ATM and How it Works

A West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union Debit Card works like a credit card, but instead of receiving a bill each month, the funds are debited (deducted) directly from your Checking account. It gives you all of the conveniences of a credit card, but no monthly bill.

Looking for a fast, convenient, and safe way to pay? Using your Visa Debit Card is quicker than making a trip to the ATM, more convenient than writing checks, and safer than carrying cash. And unlike other debit cards, your Visa Debit Card offers acceptance at millions of merchant locations worldwide—anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Since Visa Debit Card purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account, there’s no interest to pay. Your monthly statement provides you with a record of all your transactions, making your record-keeping simple.

A West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Card gives you shopping freedom and its uses are endless. Withdraw cash from your checking account for free for the first six transactions and $1 for every transaction after that, using an Allpoint ATM from one of the 43,000 locations located nationwide! Pay at the pump when you buy gas, or use it at the mall or grocery store. You can even use it to shop online!

After Regular Business Hours

If you need to report a lost or stolen Visa Check Card, please call 1-800-523-4175.

Accepted Worldwide

The West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Card uses the Visa network. Use your Debit Card at millions of locations worldwide.

Just Say “Credit”

Even though this is a Debit Card, when the merchant asks, “credit or debit,” just say “credit.” You should do this for two reasons. First, when you use your Debit Card as a credit card, you will be asked to sign your receipt. Your signature makes that receipt a legal document. If you ever have a dispute, your receipt verifies that you made the purchase on a specific day and for a specific amount. This simply adds to your safety when shopping.

Visa Debit Card Application

Visa Check Card Agreement and Disclosure

Visa Debit Card Alerts Registration

Help keep your account secure by signing up for alerts. Receive an e-mail when your Visa Debit Card is used. Sign up or manage your alerts settings.

Set custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts for:

  • Purchases over a selected amount
  • International purchases
  • Online and phone purchase where the card is not physically present
  • Declined transaction

You may change your alert preferences at any time.

PIN Transactions at Walmart

WBVFCU is now requiring you to use your PIN instead of using your signature for debit card transactions at Walmart. This measure was implemented by your credit union to help deter fraud. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member service representative during our normal business hours.