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Primary Savings Account

With a minimum $5 deposit (and a $5 non-refundable membership fee charged to join the credit union), a standard Primary Savings Account establishes your membership with the credit union. As long as this $5 deposit is maintained, you are eligible for all other accounts, loans and services that West Branch Valley FCU offers.

After $100 is accrued in your account, you will start to earn dividends based on the average daily balance from the day of deposit to day of withdrawal. Dividends are paid monthly.


U Name It (Secondary Savings) Accounts

Save for that dream vacation, wedding or home improvement project with West Branch Valley FCU's U Name It Accounts. Set up a secondary savings to tuck away funds for a special event or purchase, and name your savings for your goal. Deposit money at any time throughout the year through individual deposits, transfers or payroll deduction.  

Tiered Money Market Savings Accounts

Keep your cash liquid while earning higher rates than a typical Savings account. A higher balance will move you to higher dividend rates. This investment savings account offers limited check writing privileges. If you need to access the funds, simply transfer into your Savings or Checking, or write a check ($1,000 minimum withdrawal/transfer limit applies).

Federal regulations restrict a maximum of six (6) withdrawal transactions per month. There are no limits on dollar amounts or number of deposits you may make. A minimum balance of $2,500 is required to earn dividends.