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No Surcharge ATMs

Members who use their West Branch Valley Federal Credit Union Visa Check card, are familiar with the convenience, security and control that it provides. We offer an additional incentive to make your card an even more important part of your financial life: the Allpoint surcharge-free service with the following benefits:

  • You will be able to make up to six free ATM withdrawals per month.  The $1.00 per transaction withdrawal fee will apply when you exceed this number.  Note:  ATM locations other than an Allpoint ATM machine may assess an ATM fee.
  • Better access to ATMs that do not charge a surcharge fee will be available at all ATM machines bearing the Allpoint logo.
  • Allpoint branded machines give you access to 55,000+ locations worldwide and 43,000+ locations nationwide.  There are 82 ATMs located within fifty miles of the 17701 zip code. Find an Allpoint surcharge-free ATM.

Available on mobile devices.